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Farmsense and Horseplay Blog

The Importance of Butter

by Cassandra Menesez on 10/08/18

Me: I had an anxiety episode at the grocery store today.

Kevin: [disinterestedly] Really? [then a more concerned] Why?

Me: I almost forgot the butter again.

Kevin: [ fully focused on the subject at hand] + [somewhat loudly] You forgot the butter?

Me: No. I just became aware how close I got to not remembering the butter again and I had a feeling of terror come over me. I didn't forget the butter tho. I bought 2# to make up for it.
Kevin: Okay, that's good. I was having anxiety about it too.

Both : [Laughing with = enthusiasm]

Tangled Vine Farm 
We make our own 

  • beer
  • cheese
  • meat
  • milk
  •  kombucha
  •   chickens
  • chicks 
  • eggs 
  • fruits 
  • vegetables 
  • nuts 
  • berries
  • trees
  • herbs
  • teas
  • medicines
  • soaps
  • clothes 
and of
  •  course compost!
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We have spent most of our years here planting and tending two fruit and nut tree orchards a small vineyard and several olive groves. We maintain a supply of new plants and trees in our organic greenhouse to keep our garden in year round production and our flower beds beautiful and therapeutic

 We are committed to natural, organic and permaculture design education, bio mimicry,                                               sustainability Sustainability ideals and all the work that comes with this journey. 
 Because we live in a drought crisis area 
  we use reclaimed water. 
  We are no till since 1998!
We have been raising  ADGA registered purebred LaMancha and Grade dairy goats for over 20 years. We dam raise our kids and raise our herds using natural and preventative methods as a first step to producing goats we can be proud of. 

We use ADGA registry tools like linear appraisal and DHIR performance testing  to form production and breeding decisions. We use DNA collection and alpha s1 casein type testing along with individual annual blood tests to record and maintain our over all herd health standards.

We show our goats to promote the Lamancha breed and dairy goats in the milk industry. We support educational programs by giving demonstrations and providing scholarships for youth ag projects.