• Tangled Vine French Inhale GL1974067
  • Splashed black and tan sundgau born 5/12/18
  • Alpha casein type 
  • DHIR
  • DNA
  • LA
  • Show 

                                                                                 SSS: SGCH Kastdemur's Landslide 91EEE

                                       SS: SG High-Tor Landslide Zigzag

                                                                                        SSD : SGCH High-Tor Zagnut 92EEEE
S:SG York Mtn. ZZ Leaf 
                                                                                        SDS : Kastdemur's Monte

                                      SD: York Mtn. KM's Lily of Valley 88VEEV

                                                                                        SDD : Oak Cottage Ki's Wildflower                                                     
                                                                                         DSS : SG Lucky*Star's Vector  

                                    DS :CH Fir Meadow VEC Waldmeister                                                   

                                                                                         DSD :  SG Fir Meadow Soon Veilchen

D : Tangled Vine Maggie May
                                                                                       DDS : Purple-Sage-Farm Man on Phire

                                    DD : Tangled Vine Utah 

                                                                                        DDD : Tangled Vine's Reba

This gal is going to be dry this year and getting some better photos, 
manners and disbudding in the meantime. 
She was too pretty to sell without papers and my favorite Leaf kid born this year. Her sire is enrolled in the young sire development program through ADGA. With the production on her pedigree, I'm expecting milk from  this lady when we finally get around to it.