We sell ADGA PLUS Registered LaMancha Dairy Goats.

 DHIR milk testing and recording along with annual linear appraisal and blood serum Lab tests and DNA collection help us meet our breeding goals.

Our goal is to provide productive and healthy, quality animals for dairy production, family milk and showing. 
We would love to help you start enjoying the satisfaction of keeping your own milk goats. 

 You can learn to make cheese from the 1 gallon or more you can get every day of fresh, raw goats milk. 
 Our friendly goats are primarily dam raised and socialized from birth.

 We show locally and participate in the ADGA Plus linear appraisal  and DHIR system. 
The animals currently for sale are listed below. 
If you have questions about goat care or cheese making please  email me

All prices are general and subject to change.
  • Wethers are $100
  • Registered kids start at -$250
  • Unregistered kids start at $100 
  • First Freshener does start at $350
  • Adult Does start at $400
  • Adult Bucks -varies based on age and history

 We hope you enjoy our goats.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our animals or our farm.  

We want you to own a productive and friendly goat! 

If we have goats for sale they are pictured with prices on each individual page and a link below.