Hey-Ma! Private Dairy and Creamery 

We make cheese while the milk flows according to our tastes and resources. Totally unregulated and misunderstood. Our highly desirable cheese is made with raw goat's milk from our own farm in small batches and handcrafted. (a.k.a Farmstead)

The Anarchist
is a soft raw goat milk cheese salted and herb infused then hand formed into 1 inch balls and marinated in evoo. This cheese elicits Strong Feelings of  Joy & Amazement. Every time.

Totally Twisted
is a braided whole milk mozzarella. It takes much wrestling, heating, twisting and yelling with muted curses. Ready in an hour, its perfect for homemade calzones because the dough takes that long too.

You Don't Know Jack
is a whole milk goat Jack with a turmeric, black pepper & evoo rub then aged for at least 6 weeks. I never have these aging because they get eaten up.

Feta Fetish
The term "fetishism" was coined in the late 1800s. It originates from the Portuguese word feitico, which means "obsessive fascination".   Our Feta is a staple in the kitchen and goes in the tacos, soup, salad, burgers  and pretty much every where. even our smoothies! (just the whey actually, but hey, it's great!) Quick and easy and super versatile