• 2014 American 4th freshener
  • Black with tan sundgau
  • Alpha s1 casein A/A
  • DNA typed
  • LA 3-03VVVV86
  • DHIR
  • 2017 1x1 1xResGCH

​S: Dreamy Delights Coyote
SS:*B South-Fork Class Action
SD: SG Rockin-CB LSP Telstar 10*M LA 5-11 EEEE91

D: Tangled Vine Indigo
DS: *B CH Fir Meadow Vec Waldmeister
DD: Tangled Vine Utah 

Lyra is a triplet and has always been my favorite even though she was sold as a kid and never shown. I was able to purchase her back and have her freshen with a super sweet well attached udder while maintaining excellent growth and condition. She has the prettiest head of her sisters and I suspect she will have a bright future in the show ring and the milk barn. 

2017 update: Lyra matured to be a strong doe in the show ring and the milk barn all while being a "smaller" type of doe within breed standards. Lyra is proving that great things can come in small packages by winning her 3 yo milker class and the Reseve Champion Lamancha at the 2017 Mid-State Dairy Goat show under Scott Bice. Lyra  is definitely easy on the eyes and hands!